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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:49 pm 
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Who's who in the Drew Peterson case

Name Relevance to case

Abood, Andrew Drew Peterson attorney
Aikin, Candace Stacy Peterson's aunt
Alessio-Policandriotes, Carla Will Co, judge
Allen, James Jeffrey Will Co. judge; signed Savio protection order
Baden, Dr. Michael Forensic pathologist in third and final Savio autopsy
Blum, Dr. Larry Forensic Pathologist who performed second Savio autopsy
Burmila, Judge Edward
Bosco, Pamela Kay Spokeswoman for Stacy Peterson's family
Brodsky, Joel Drew Peterson's lead attorney
Cales, Anthony McKenzie Stacy Peterson's father
Cales, Cassandra Stacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Christie Marie (Toutges) Stacy Peterson's mother, missing since 1998
Cales, Jessica Stacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Lacy Ann Stacy Peterson's sister
Cales, Linda June (Olson) Stacy Peterson's stepmother
Cales, Yelton Stacy Peterson's brother
Carcerano, Steve Drew Peterson's friend; found Kathleen Savio's body
Carroll, James B. Drew Peterson's uncle; listed as executor of Kathleen Savio estate
Carroll, John Paul Drew Peterson's attorney
Carter, Robert Illinois appellate court judge
Cesare, Steve Stacy Peterson friend
Connor, John Will Co. assistant state's attorney
Doman, Anna Marie Kathleen Savio's sister
Doman, Charles H. Kathleen Savio's nephew
Doman, Melissa Kathleen Savio's niece
Doman, Susan M. Kathleen Savio's sister
Fragale, Elizabeth Will Co. assistant state's attorney; received letter from Savio
Glasgow, James W. Will Co. state's attorney
Glick, Martin Attrney for Savio family
Goodman, Carmen Will Co. judge; reopened Savio estate
Grady, Scott Kathleen Savio attorney
Grandel, Diana Corresonded with Drew Peterson in jail
Greenberg, Steven A. Drew Peterson attorney
Gutierrez, Luis llinois State Police master sgt.
Holdridge, William Illinois appellate court judge
Hosey, Joseph Reporter; author of "Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson"
Jacobson, Walter Fox News Chicago; received letter from Savio
James, Walter Lee Coroner's juror in Savio inquest
Kaupas, Ken Illinois State Police capt.
Kelly, John Savio family attorney
Kinney, Gerald Will Co. judge
Kurdenok, Michael Stacy Peterson classmate; saw her the day before her disappearance
Lee, Alyssia Bolingbrook police and fire commission trustee
Lenard, George D. Drew Peterson attorney
Lopez, Joseph Drew Peterson attorney
McGury, Raymond Bolingbrook police chief
Meczyk, Ralph Drew Peterson attorney
Miller, Tim Founder of Texas EquuSearch; organized searches for Stacy
Mims, Richard Drew Peterson friend
Mitchell, Bryan Forensic pathologist on 2004 Savio autopsy report
Morelli, Fred Drew Peterson attorney
Morphey, Albert Drew Peterson's stepfather
Morphey, Betty Drew Peterson's mother
Morphey, Thomas Drew Peterson's step-brother; testified he thought he helped move body
Odeh, Reem, Drew Peterson attorney
O'Neil, Patrick K. Will Co. coroner
Pelkie, Charles Will Co. State's Attorney's Office spokesman
Peterson, Anthony Stacy Peterson's son
Peterson, Carol L. (Hamilton, Brown) Drew Peterson's first wife
Peterson, Drew Walter Charged with murder of third wife; retired Bolingbrook police officer
Peterson, Eric Drew Drew Peterson's son
Peterson, Kristopher Drew Peterson's son
Peterson, Lacy Stacy Peterson's daughter
Peterson, Paul Drew Peterson's brother
Peterson, Stacy Ann (Cales) Drew Peterson's fourth wife; missing
Peterson, Stephen Paul Drew Peterson's son; former Oak Brook police officer
Peterson, Thomas Drew Peterson's son
Piry, Kyle Drew Peterson's ex-fiancee
Powers, Michael Will Co. judge
Raines, Christina Drew Peterson's ex-fiancee
Rosetto, Keith Ex-boyfiend of Stacy Peterson
Rosetto, Scott Twin brother of Keith; reportedly exchanged text messages with Stacy Peterson
Robison, Suzan Stacy Peterson's aunt
Rozak, Daniel J. Will Co. judge
Rutkiewicz, Victoria (Peterson, Connolly, O'Neil) Drew Peterson's second wife
Savio, Henry J. Kathleen Savio's father
Savio, Henry M. Kathleen Savio's brother
Savio, Kathleen (Peterson) Drew Peterson's third wife; deceased
Savio, Mary Kathleen Savio's mother, deceased
Savio, Marcia Wife of Henry Savio; Kathleen Savio's step-mother
Savio, Nick Kathleen Savio's brother
Schmidt, Daniel Illinois appellate court judge
Schoenstedt, Richard Will Co. judge
Schori, Neil Stacy Peterson's pastor
Selig, Glenn Drew Peterson's publicist
Simmons, Kerry Stacy Peterson's half sister
Simmons, Mathew Stacy Peterson's brother-in-law
Smith, Harry Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson attorney
Teppel, Ken Bolingbrook police spokesman
Tomczak, Jeff Former Will Co. State's Attorney
Ward, Lisa Daughter of Victoria Connolly, stepdaughter of Drew Peterson
Wawczak, Lenny Secretly recroded Drew Peterson conversations, posts
White, Stephen D. Will Co. judge

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:56 pm 
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Meet the Drew Peterson murder trial jury

The seven-man, five-woman jury that will decide Drew Peterson’s fate is a diverse group that includes:

1....A Hispanic man in his 20s who studies broadcasting at Columbia College and earlier attended Bolingbrook High School while Kathleen Savio’s oldest son, Tom, also was at the school. His brother serves in the Army, while his parents both work at Will County high schools.

2....A Plainfield man who formerly owned a construction company, now works as a consultant and plans to retire Sept. 1. He’s married with two grown children and takes flying lessons.

3....A divorced woman in her 50s who works as an office secretary, who once edited her college’s newspaper and describes writing poetry as “a passion.” She also reads mystery novels, true crime books and watches TV cooking programs.

4....A woman whose family emigrated from Poland when she was a child. Her favorite TV show is “Dancing with the Stars.”

5....A divorced Bolingbrook man in his 40s who works for the U.S. Postal Service, but formerly served in the Army National Guard and attended law school and graduate school.

6.....A man in his 60s who works as a plant manager for a manufacturing company and rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

7....A married woman whose husband first read newspapers to remove articles relating to the Peterson case so she wouldn’t see them. She likes to watch crime-related TV programs.

8....A married woman in her 50s who is one of eight children, four of whom are divorced.

9.....An African-American man from Plainfield who works as a research technician. He is married with two children, doesn’t watch TV news but likes watching “Criminal Minds.”

10....A man in his 60s who graduated from Lockport High School and formerly worked for Texaco.

11....An African-American man in his 20s who was laid off earlier this year and lives with his parents.

12...A married woman in her 60s who is a White Sox fan and whose boss cringed when she heard the woman had been called for jury duty in the Peterson trial. She watches CNN and reads fiction that includes “The Hunger Games” novels.

The alternate jurors are:

1...A woman who is a semi-retired school crossing guard and doesn’t watch TV.

2...A divorced man with a graduate degree in education who runs, cycles and swims.

3....A man who collects pistols, has an orchard and once was attacked by a bat-wielding robber.

4...A divorced man who is fan of the Chicago Cubs and Green Bay Packers and whose son is an aspiring police officer ... -jury.html

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:15 pm 
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--March 1, 2004: Kathleen Savio found dead in a bathtub. Her death is originally ruled an accidental drowning.

--Oct. 29, 2007: Stacy Peterson reported missing, a day after she fails to show up at a relative's home.

--Nov. 9, 2007: Illinois State Police declare Drew Peterson a suspect in his wife's disappearance; they also say they've formally launched an investigation into the 2004 drowning death of Kathleen Savio, saying it does not appear to be an accident as originally determined.

--Nov. 9, 2007: Judge signs an order to exhume Savio's body.

--Nov. 12, 2007: Drew Peterson resigns from the Bolingbrook Police Department, where he's been an officer for 29 years.

--Nov. 13, 2007: Savio's body is exhumed and an autopsy is conducted.

--Nov. 16, 2007: Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden conducts autopsy on Savio's remains at the request of her family; says it looks like she was murdered.

--Jan. 24, 2008: Will County state's attorney's office acknowledges publicly for the first time that a grand jury has been convened to investigate Stacy Peterson's disappearance and Savio's death.

--Feb. 21, 2008: Will County state's attorney announces that Savio's death officially declared a homicide.

--May 21, 2008: Peterson turns himself in to police on a weapons charge unrelated to the disappearance of his wife. He was released from custody after an adult son posts a 10 percent bond.

--November 2008: Peterson meets with divorce attorney.

--November 20, 2008: Gun charges dropped against Peterson after Will County prosecutors refuse to hand over internal documents leading to their decision to arrest him.

--May 7, 2009: Murder indictment issued for Peterson; Peterson arrested during traffic stop.

--May 22, 2009: Judge refuses to reduce Peterson's $20 million bail after prosecutors claim Peterson tried to pay somebody $25,000 in 2003 to kill Savio.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:21 pm 
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The Drew Peterson timeline:

While still married to his third wife, Kathleen Savio, Peterson meets the future Stacy Peterson. Drew Peterson appears at the hotel where Stacy Peterson works. They talk over coffee; he routinely drops in during her shift. He is 47 and she is 17. Months later, they become intimate, Stacy Peterson tells family. While still dating Drew Peterson, Stacy Peterson becomes pregnant. They marry in 2003, exchanging vows in a field in Bolingbrook. Drew Peterson invites a son from his first marriage as his witness. Stacy Peterspon asks her sister Cassandra Cales to be there.

“They didn’t want to tell any of the family,” Cales says. “They just wanted to get it done.”

March 1, 2004. Drew Peterson and Kathleen Savio are sorting out the messy finances of their divorce when he shows up at her Bolingbrook home. (Peterson has said he was dropping off the couple’s two sons at the time). When no one answers the locked door, Drew Peterson asks a neighbor for help and waits for a locksmith, Peterson says. The neighbor goes first, according to Peterson.

“I didn’t want any trouble,” Drew Peterson recalls later. “I stood outside, then I heard screaming and went in.”

Savio’s body is found in the bathtub of her home. There is no water in the tub, and her hair is drenched with blood from a head laceration. Savio’s death is ruled an accidental drowning.

August 2007. Just months before she disappears, Stacy Peterson meets with her pastor, Neil Schori, at a Bolingbrook coffee shop. Stacy Peterson confides to Schori that her husband has told her he killed Kathleen Savio, according to an interview Schori has with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News in December 2007. Stacy Peterson “gave me details that I really can’t share,” Schori tells Fox News. Schori says he believes Stacy Peterson never went to police because she was afraid for her safety. Schori says he doesn’t go to police at the time because he believes Stacy Peterson didn’t want him to.

Drew Peterson says his missing wife had a “big crush” on Schori.

“Every time she went out to see him, she was all dolled up, all sexed up,” Drew Peterson says. “All I know for sure is, Stacy had a big crush on him.”

Early October, 2007. Three weeks before she vanishes, Stacy Peterson calls a man she hasn’t spoken to in years — Scott Rossetto. The call is “out of the blue,” Rossetto recalls. About six years earlier, Rossetto’s twin brother, Keith, had dated Stacy Peterson. After that first surprise phone call, Stacy Peterson and Scott Rossetto talk or e-mail about every other day.

“She kinda mentioned she wanted to end the relationship with her husband,” Rossetto says later, adding she was “sick and tired of being trapped in the house all the time. I think she missed her independence.”

Less than 10 days before Stacy Peterson disappears, Drew Peterson confronts Scott Rossetto and his wife at a suburban Denny’s.

“He asked me how I’d react if my wife was with another man,” Scott Rossetto says in November 2007, after testifying before a Will County grand jury looking into Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

Although Rossetto has admitted sending Stacy Peterson “flirty” e-mails, he has denied having an affair with her.

Oct. 29, 2007. One day after she is supposed to go to a family friend’s house to paint — Stacy Peterson disappears. When relatives can’t reach the 23-year-old mother of two by phone, they become alarmed and call police. Bolingbrook police classify Stacy Peterson’s disappearance as a missing person case and say Drew Peterson is cooperating with authorities. At the time, Drew Peterson tells authorities he spoke to his wife the evening before she disappeared and had no reason to suspect anything was wrong. Peterson later says he believes his wife left voluntarily, possibly with another man. Stacy Peterson’s relatives say she would never have run away, leaving her two small children behind. A massive manhunt for Stacy Peterson begins. Family and a host of volunteers — including the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team — help look for Stacy Peterson.

November, 2007. As the search for Stacy Peterson continues, Drew Peterson becomes a media sensation — and seems to enjoy the attention. He talks with cable TV commentator Greta Van Susteren, and then Geraldo Rivera. He also flies out to New York to chat with NBC’s “Today” show host Matt Lauer — and denies he has anything to do with Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. At one point, he makes an on-camera plea for Stacy Peterson to come home. He also lands on the front cover of People magazine, insisting — once again — in the five-page story he had no role in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance or Savio’s death.

Nov. 9, 2007. Drew Peterson officially becomes a suspect in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance and the case is now a “potential homicide,” no longer a missing person case. That announcement comes on the heels of a decision by a Will County judge to exhume Kathleen Savio’s body so investigators can re-examine her mysterious 2004 bathtub death, which prosecutors say now appears to be murder, not an accident. As the investigation continues, Drew Peterson resigns from the Bolingbrook Police Department and is later granted his full “$6,067.71-a-month police pension.

Late November 2007. a source tells the Sun-Times that on the day Stacy Peterson disappeared, Drew Peterson's stepbrother Tom Morphey helped him move a blue barrel out of Drew and Stacy Peterson’s home and into Drew Peterson’s SUV. Morphey describes the barrel to police as feeling warm and weighing about 120 pounds, sources say. Walter Martineck Jr., a neighbor of Morphey's, appears on the “Today” show saying a distraught Morphey told him Oct. 29 he believed he moved Stacy Peterson's body in the barrel. He says Drew Peterson gave him money for helping with the move. After helping Peterson move the barrel, Morphey overdosed on pills, according to sources.

Feb. 21, 2008. The results of a new Savio autopsy are released, showing the death of the 40-year-old woman was a murder, not an accident, as investigators originally concluded. The results of the forensic exam, conducted in November 2007, are a surprise to her former husband.

“That’s hard to believe. I’m shocked,” Drew Peterson tells the Sun-Times. Meanwhile, relatives of Savio and Stacy Peterson say they hope the findings by pathologist Dr. Larry Blum help solve Savio’s slaying and Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. One of Savio’s relatives says she is angry that authorities didn’t rule Savio’s death a homicide immediately after she was found dead.

“It’s something that should have been done the right way almost four years ago,” says Melissa Doman, Savio’s niece. “It would have been done the right way, if people listened.”

May. 21. Drew Peterson is arrested and charged with felony unlawful use of a weapon for allegedly owning a Colt AR-15 assault rifle that lacked the minimum 16-inch barrel required under state law. His arrest comes months after a Nov. 1, 2007, police search that results in 11 guns — including the assault rifle — being removed from his Bolingbrook home. Joel Brodsky, Drew Peterson’s attorney, rips the arrest as a heavy-handed attempt to rattle the man named a suspect in Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. A trial is set for December.

July 23. Two longtime friends of Drew Peterson — Len Wawczak and his wife, Paula Stark — tell the Sun-Times that they cooperated with Illinois State Police, wearing a wire and recording seven months of intimate conversations with the former Bolingbrook cop. State Police decline to comment to the Sun-Times.

“We got him,” Wawczak, tells the Sun-Times.

Drew Peterson mocked investigators as “idiots,” called his third wife “a bitch” whose body he should have had cremated, and predicted he’d be tried and acquitted long before his fourth wife’s remains were found, Wawczak says in the Sun-Times interview.

Oct. 28. On the one-year anniversary of Stacy Peterson’s disappearance, 70 marchers carrying candles walk from the Bolingbrook home Drew Peterson once shared with Savio to the house where he and Stacy Peterson lived. Stacy Peterson’s sister, Cassandra Cales, and other close relatives don’t attend the vigil, saying they wish to mourn privately. Drew Peterson is in New York to appear on NBC’s “Today” show. “There is not a single day that goes by that I don’t think about Stacy, so to me Tuesday is just another day of her being away,” Drew Peterson says in a statement.

Nov. 11. Drew Peterson meets with high-profile Chicago divorce attorney Jeffery Leving. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s criminal defense attorney, says Drew Peterson discussed his legal options following Stacy Peterson’s Oct. 28, 2007, disappearance. “All he’s done is consult with him,” Brodsky said at the time. “Nothing has been finalized. No decisions have been made.”

Nov. 19. Legislation goes into effect that is expected to give Will County prosecutors a powerful new took in probing the Savio slaying and Stacy Peterson’s disappearance. The legislation is to allow as evidence hearsay statements from murdered witnesses. The new legislation could come into play in connection with a minister who has said Stacy Peterson told him that Drew Peterson killed Savio. In the Savio case, Savio sent a letter to a prosecutor that said, Peterson “knows how to manipulate the system, and his next step is to take my children away. Or kill me instead.”

December 2008. Will County Prosecutor James Glasgow says he is confident 2009 will bring new information that will help investigators find out what happened to either Savio or Stacy Peterson — or both. “I’m very positive. I’m very encouraged by the work the police have done,” Glasgow said. “We are not at a dead end by any stretch of the imagination.”

January 2009. Drew Peterson moves fiancee Christina Raines, 24, and her two young children into the home he formerly shared with Stacy Peterson. It’s the beginning of a tempestuous romantic saga seemingly without end. Raines’ father, Ernie Raines, tells the media he’s determined to end the relationship, calling Drew Peterson “the devil.” Christina Raines moves out of the Peterson house, but then moves back in again. She walks out again in April. But for good?

March 7. The Sun-Times News Group reports that Thomas Morphey, Drew Peterson’s step-brother, has an immunity deal with prosecutors — if Morphey truthfully tells investigators what he knows about Stacy Peterson’s disappearance.

March 10. After nearly 17 months of silence, Morphey finally talks. In an interview with the Sun-Times News Group, Morphey talks about trying to kill himself after he suspected he’d helped Drew Peterson remove Stacy Peterson’s body.

“It kills me,” Morphey said. “There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t wish I could take back the events of that day.”

May 7. Drew Peterson is indicted on two counts of murder in the slaying of Savio. State Police take him into custody without incident.

“I guess I should have returned those library books,” Peterson jokes.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 10:22 pm 
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Appellate Court overturns hearsay decision. Drew Peterson finally going to trial
April 12, 2012

The appellate court has finally reconsidered the eight barred hearsay statements on their merits and have decided to reverse the earlier appellate decision. They have decided that the statements are reliable and admissable at trial which can now go forward. We could be seeing a trial as early as June!

However this doesn’t mean that the earlier barred evidence will necessarily be heard at trial. The new decision makes it clear that,

…We do not mean to suggest, however, that the circuit court is required to admit those eight statements during the trial. Rather, we merely hold that the statements are admissible under Rule of Evidence 804(b)(5) and should be admitted under that rule unless the circuit court finds they are otherwise inadmissible.

In other words, the statements have been ruled admissible under the common laws of forfeiture, which is what James Glasgow had argued back in February 2011.

Although this decision is a huge win for the state, it did not come without some chastisement over the hearsay statute (which has been referred to as Drew’s Law) that James Glasgow penned but then ultimately begged the court to toss aside:

…one would expect the State either to enforce the statute as written or act to repeal the statute, not urge the courts to ignore it.
These are the hearsay statements that have now all been deemed admissible. The statements in red are the ones that were originally barred.

1. Kathleen Savio’s letter to then-Will County Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Fragale complaining of Drew Peterson’s abuse, including an alleged July 2002 attack when he put a knife to her throat.

2. Kristin Anderson’s testimony that Savio told of her fears that Peterson would kill her while her family briefly rented Savio’s basement in 2003.

3. A fellow student at Joliet Junior College, Mary Park’s testimony that she saw red marks on Kathleen’s neck that Savio attributed to Peterson in 2003.

4. Savio’s co-worker, Issam Karam’s testimony that Savio told him Peterson came into her home and held a knife to her throat.

5. Kathleen’s sister, Susan Savio’s testimony about her sister’s fears that Peterson would kill her.

6. Kathleen’s sister, Anna Doman’s testimony that shortly before she died, Savio asked Doman to care for her children if she died, saying Peterson wanted to kill her.

7. Savio’s handwritten statement attached to a Bolingbrook police report on the July 2002 incident.

8. Six audio excerpts from a June 13, 2003, taped conversation Savio had with an insurance company over a claim she put in for allegedly stolen jewelry.

9. Savio’s Aug. 6, 2003, statement to the insurance company

10. Savio’s divorce attorney, Harry Smith’s testimony that Stacy contacted him about divorcing Peterson shortly before she vanished.

11. Stacy’s friend, Scott Rossetto’s testimony that she told him Peterson coached her as an alibi witness in Savio’s death.

12. The Rev. Neil Schori’s testimony that Stacy told him Peterson returned home dressed completely in black and carrying a bag of women’s clothing in the late morning on the day Savio’s body was found. Stacy also told him Peterson coached her to provide his alibi.

13. Stacy’s Joliet Junior College classmate, Michael Miles’ testimony that Stacy told him before Savio’s 2004 death that Peterson wanted to kill his ex-wife but that Stacy talked him out of it

...more at link ... -to-trial/

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Crime Scene photo - widely distributed

(Shows Savio's body in bath)


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PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2012 4:16 am 
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Kathleen Savio - Autopsy Schematic (Fox News)


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