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Author:  Rumpole [ Thu Jul 06, 2017 9:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANNOUNCEMENTS etc

Site Image Broken Links

You might notice a lot of Photo Bucket Images Gone and "error message" boxes where images used to be.


PhotoBucket have turned out to be ASSHOLES and have stopped allowing "3rd party posting"

Easy for them to say.. but in practice all the 10's of thousands of images I (and others) have posted over the past 10 years are now GONE!!! It would take MONTHS to figure out what the images were and replace these images even if one still had access to edit posts (which I don't at many of the places I have posted images)

This is ethically REPREHENSIBLE. Even though I only used the "Free" service, there was an IMPLIED CONTRACT with PB that images would be available to post(for ever). It was on that basis that I used the service for almost 10 years. I can not access most of those images now and so 10 years work is down the toilet.

I assume that the PB "Business model" of the "free" account included clients putting up with ads (and PB took this beyond an extreme amount of ad intrusion) and so I assume PB "made money" (via ads) even on "free" accounts., yet they treat these clients with total contempt.

EVEN IF a person had been a paying client (for 10 years) the contract THEY had is now disregarded. Unless they pay the new charge ($400) now, and for ever, they too will have their image broken now. Images that they uploaded while paying for PB "service". This action by PB amounts to extortion/blackmail... "give us $400 if ya wanna see your images alive". And like all blackmail situations, who is to say that the RANSOM DEMAND demand will not simply increase going forward?

ANYWAY we live and learn... I have over the years sent business to PB by recommending them to 100's of people.

No more.

I strongly recommend having NOTHING TO DO WITH PHOTO BUCKET

This is just the latest example of CRAP service from PB with no regard for Clients. They have arbitrarily deleted images accepted false "copyright" claims with no right of reply and just censored images for liberal political reasons (I guess)
The site is also a disgusting mess of pop-ups and ads that caused me to stop adding new images a year ago.

I see a LOT of NEGATIVE comments about PB around the interwebs. A few comments in defense, which ALL miss the point!! .... SURE PB can make a "business decision" to change their TOS (especially in regard to "free" accounts") as far as the service they provide starting now and going forward, but..

THEY CAN NOT DO THIS IN RETROSPECT.. to people who opened an account and used PB on the basis of certain services (a contract), which included the STABLE hosting of image files, available to post online.

POSTING ONLINE is the ONLY reason I opened an account (10 years ago). These bastards can not (ethically) change the rules now!!

The GOOD NEWS is.. that there are MILLIONS of PB error boxes around the interwebs, and most will be there for ever... as a constant reminder that PB is a CRAP service.

Author:  Rumpole [ Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ANNOUNCEMENTS etc

FWIW ..... FYI.....

NZ Daylight saving time starts tonight (Saturday)/early Sunday morning.

We "Spring Forward" 1 hour :95

Of course, this makes no difference to USA time, or the default time (US ET) set here at Random Topics.

The difference for me is I have to add 1 less hour to my local time to convert to US time.

US EST will be NZ time plus 7 hours.
Texas Time will be NZ time plus 6 hours

Author:  Rumpole [ Sun Nov 05, 2017 1:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ANNOUNCEMENTS etc

US Clocks Change - Reset Time at RT

US clocks change this weekend (Sunday 5th November)... "fall back" 1 hour

I'll adjust default time at RT (seen before you logon) I have it set to US EST, but individuals are advised to reset time via "User Control panel" (top right).

The difference for me is I have to add 1 less hour to my NZ local time to convert to US time.
US EST will be NZ time plus 6 hours.
Texas Time will be NZ time plus 5 hours


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